And the Oscar goes to I communicated with MOTU about this and they replied: Oscilloscope Turn your computer into a sophisticated oscilloscope with digital precision. Kerim February 5, Reply. Do you believe this rating to be inaccurate or unacceptable for some reason? While this is an acceptable trade-off for cost, it can be, every now and then, rather inconvenient.

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Each mix can be selected for any output channel. There are some spurious digital noise components visible here, but they are all very low in level — under dB. Will the unit route the signals?

All of them worked fine. There are also two LED microook for the mic input: Digitally controlled analog trim You get the best of both worlds: Oscilloscope Turn your computer into a sophisticated oscilloscope with digital precision.

HifiZine is proudly powered by WordPress 4. I also want at least 2 stereo outputs for experimenting with crossover settings before implementing these in hardware. XLR mic input Go ahead: Instrument tuner Tune your guitar or other instrument to within a hundredth of a cent with this easy-to-read meter. You can always record and mix with confidence, even in the most demanding professional recording situations, knowing that decades of engineering experience are behind you, every step of the way.


This also affects the price – to our customers’ benefit, of course. Hi Peter, thank you for the comment, cheers to you and the new king!

– MicroBook Overview

Signal Generator Generate sine waves and white or pink noise to calibrate and fine-tune your entire studio. Available immediately This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately. The first two pass through an adjustable gain block, while the line input can only be attenuated. Well and then runs the whole course just as well at the Mac.

MicroBook Overview

I know it’s over three microbkok after this review, but in the off chance than anyone comes upon it searching for Microbook IIc info like I did the “c” is the latest modelI thought I’d add this small caveat. Combined with the flexibility of the Return channel selection, they are very useful tools for debugging a configuration or mcrobook and checking things like levels and frequency content.

Based on the quote above, which is from this review, I brought my MBIIc to rehearsal hoping to use it as a stand-alone headphone amp for my in-ears I plugged a stereo mic into its line input. Readers’ comments Thomas April 6, Reply. Thank you for your comment.

Click here to cancel reply. Shop Business Hours Directions. What amps are they BTW?

MOTU MicroBook IIc – Thomann UK

I have to il that when I first got it home, it was some time until I could even play an audio file through the headphones — usually the easiest way to check out a new interface. The MicroBook is a plug-in device and does not need any software to operate, but with the powerful CueMix FX software that accompanies it, it can “route” each input to one or more outputs, attenuate digital inputs and outputs, mixing, filtering of all kinds, sending microbok pink noise for example to the outputs There is only one plot, so the two return channels are summed before being passed through the FFT.


Optics, processing and sound are first class. To the microbok are the output channels. Other products are difficult to compete.

MOTU MicroBook IIc

Some sound cards will have issues in this regard particularly the ones built into laptops but the Roland Quad Capture does not. John Reekie January 28, Reply.

The left control adjusts the gain of the microphone input. A block diagram may help to understand how it works — see Figure 1.