Vijeo Citect accommodates these different data types with a corresponding set of tag addresses stored as a ‘string’ data type:. Allowed disabling periodic sending of WhoIs message by setting DiscoveryRate ini parameter to 0. Made sure that device goes offline after timeout error. This ensures your projects can be carried out successfully. Updated the driver help with latest one. Bug – BACnet service cannot be found after installed the driver pack. It is always possible to connect BACnet software with an independent visualization tool at a later stage.

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BACnet communication can also be carried out via the internal web server. The following DLLs and cltect are now digitally signed when creating a Bacnet driver installer: Updated the driver help. Bugzilla Bug – Some schedule and calender variable tags are missing after tags are imported. What does BACnet do?

Citect SCADA – BACnet Driver Release March

Bug – Wrong information message on Installshield Wizard to the user about the version of Windows supported for drivers. Bug – Read behavior inconsistent for different write executions. Bug – One of the primary units keeps offline in a project which has 2 clusters.


The variable bqcnet associated with the equipment instance will now be configured to use the appropriate tag address.

The overviews can be adapted as desired.

The choice is entirely up to you. Added array index size to the estimation of the read property multiple response size. Support for adavanced tag filtering options for tag import. Contact division Projects T: Integration of the reworked DriverDebug dll.

Converted the format of readme files from text to html. Fixed crash on shutdown of IOServer. If you have an old version of the BACstac service installed on your computer, please uninstall it before installing the new service. Changed the output directory for the UnitTests project to prevent CtRegion. Fixed a bug made by previous ctiect when some AO properties had Unsigned type instead of Real.

Refactor bacnet tag browse UI. Via a BACnet router, all our products can communicate with other installations linked to the building. The radio button “Use EDE file for tagimport” disabled for device not found.

Increased checking device online check from 3 seconds to 30 seconds. The driver installer was not fitect the “PostInstallCmd” elements correctly from the drivers. Fix issues for support of using object name as tag name when import from device. Please contact your Citect Sales Representative for pricing. We would be happy to inform you of the options available. The bug is still not closed as other drivers are also dependent. Fix for tag import stop working when filter is disabled.


New build with updated common libraries.

Specify a Data Type for a BACnet Schedule

Bugzilla Bug – Schedule bacndt datatypes digital and string do not work. Made sure that device goes offline after timeout error. Schneider Electric Australia Pty Ltd. Updated the readme file with the requirement to set [Code]WriteLocal equal to 0. WriteProperty supprot for EffectivePeriod property of schedule object. No Bug – The driver responds with a specific error code if 1 min after getting InitUnit command the driver is still performing the initial poll.